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The ZAHL, The Zuid-Afrikaanse Heilige Laager, is an African alliance created by the player TrollKiller (Vrystaat) in December of 2013, although the alliance dates back to Old Bloc when it was called the SAP. It has hovered around 20 members basically since its inception, and is one of the two African regional alliances-the other being the African Legion.

Alliance Anthem:


The ZAHL is a founding member of the Enduring Freedom Foundation, or EFF, and is Primarly Western aligned and Free Market orientated. 

ZAHL fought in WWB2, on the winning side of SWORD against PEST and the RVL.


Vir Volk en Vaderland!

ZAHL (TrollKiller, Vrystaat)

Skullaziland (1st) and Nuwe Rhodesia (2nd)

MDP's JSR, HF, CnaC, VU and by default GDI and NATO
NAP's None.
Alliances African Legion
SupraAlliance EFF

Notes: The SAP (South African Protectorate(African only as well), was started by Zuid Afrika in old bloc, but was taken over by TrollKiller of Vrystaat. The members of the SAP who carried on playing after the Goonpocalypse provided the core the of the newly formed ZAHL alliance, although the numbers have not yet recovered due to the downturn in BLOC patronage. 

For those who don't know, the language used in some forum posts and from which the name of the alliance is derived is Afrikaans, God se taal.