Tian tang flag 2

The current flag of the Waifu Union. (Also Tian Tang's flag)


The Waifu Union is a Left Wing alliance whose goal is to protect the Waifus of the world from abuse and oppression. It's leaders are Tian Tang, Krieg, and Fubiki. The Waifu Union is a founder of the RVL and a founder of the M.O.E Accord.


Crusader BeginningsEdit

In it's early beginnings can be traced back to the Pre-Goonpocalypse Era, where Tian Tang, led by the Shogun who was a Comintern member, and Krieg led by OberKommando, alongside Dimiry Zhernov of Fubiki were part of the Sanctum Ordinem which fell after the Second Crusade. After the fall of the Sanctum, the Goonpocalypse occurred and the world of Bloc is changed forever.

Goonpocalypse EraEdit

During and after the Goonpocalypse, riots, rebellions and uprisings occurred in Tian Tang, but were in time put down by the Shogun and the country was reunited once again. Krieg remained strong and steadfast throughout the Goonpocalypse, while Fubiki experienced a coup d'etat and Dimitry was overthrown by Yandere overlord Ayase Aragaki.


The Waifu Union was formed by Krieg, Tian Tang, and Fubiki after these events and proceeded to rejoin the world of Bloc. The Waifu Union's growth was fast and their military power grew strong. However, during Operation Barbarossa, the Waifu Union did not activate the MDP with Comintern, as Comintern was losing too hard and the Shogun wished to preserve the alliance's strength and growth.

The Waifu Union is also one of the founders of the Rum And Vodka league, and a founding Entente of the M.O.E Accord. The Waifu Union seeks to unite the world's Waifus under glorious and prosperous Communism. Today, although hurt by the RVL-SWORD war, is still growing strong, and seeks peace with the world.

Major Alliances Rum And Vodka League (RVL), M.O.E Accord

ICEheaven102, OberKommando44, Fubiki

MDP's Rising Phoenix, WEC
NAP's Asian Alliance, African Legion, Ancient Gods, Confederacy of Shrek