Vidya Union is the /v/ alliance founded by Uranistan and later lead by Comrade Lukas and after the reset it was recreated by Jaffacalling. After it's creation Vidya Union steadily grew in till it became the largest alliance in the game with over 180 members.

Vidya Union was a member of the FFF (Friends will be friends foundation) and fought along side them in World war bloc.

post reset Vidya Union grew large again, now at over 100 members, soon after their creation they became a member of anon and were involved in Operation Barbarossa were GENDO easily defeated the leader of the Comintern; commissioner Brian who's growth was never the same again. Vidya Union then became a founding member of SWORD. Vidya Union then became a sign member of the Accords of the Moe, a treaty to protect all things moe.


Vidya Union fought in the Dud War on Swords side. After a long peace Vidya Union's leader Jaffacalling challenged cxcxxx and then the entire alliance of pest to a battle in the Thunder Dome and the people of bloc voted for, however cxcxxx chickened out. And Gendo and Comrade Lukas were put in joint charge of Vidya Union. VIdya Union then joined Sword in WWB. Soon after Jaffacalling Rejoined Vidya Union and was attacked by the Asian alliance leader (Smithly). War is still on going

Leaders The Moe Union (Moessiah (Comrade) Lukas) and NERV (GENDO)

Zimisinocent (Jaffacalling)

MDP's ANON (BAMF, /Int/elligentsia, Innawoods, The Dark Brotherhood and ACE), NATO, Dictators united, ZAHL
NAP's African Legion, GDI, Sealion League