The United Kerbals is a small Alliance of forum members of Kerbal Space Program. The alliance is a reformation of the Mainsail Conglomerate after the Great end, and KSP alliance that existed in early bloc before being torn apart when war was declared on it. Currently the alliance has five members, and is at a state of peace. The alliance abbreviation is U.K., and currently does not have a flag yet. Also this alliance is more prominent on staying peace, and making peace with other alliances. Despite issues with other alliances so far the U.K. have not fought in any alliance wars.

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Why need suits when you are on a planet with an atmosphere? Answer: The atmosphere maybe bad for the Kerbals.

The United Kerbals

Bill Kerman of U.S.K
Officers Designer225 (Kerbollo) of Kethane Nation
MDP's GDI, The African Legion
NAP's The Dark Brotherhood
Preceded by Mainsail Union Conglomerate (Unofficial)
Mainsail Initiative (Official)