On August 16, 2013, COME-OVA declared a state of war on Sanctum Ordinem, citing attacks from SO members. The African Union and the Unified Bayside Alliance agreed to back up COME-OVA, while Comintern activated their defensive pact with SO declaring war on COME-OVA, prompting the Sealion League to declare war on both SO and Comintern.

Shortly after war was declared, peace talks started and ended about three and a half hours after the war began.

The day after peace was declared Comrade Kirino resigned from SO, giving leadership to Krieg, stating that this was because he was unhappy with the terms of peace.

The peace talks:

Three Hour War
Date: August 16 2013
Result: White Peace
Preceded by: European Beef Incident
Succeeded by: Chaos War
Sanctum Ordinem
African Union
Sealion League