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"An alliance of national socialists, fascists, and radical traditionalists. /pol/iticians welcome."

The Blutfahne of The Order

Lead by Whitmanistan, The Order is a very large group (70+ Nations) built from mergers forged through successful alliances and victories in war who agree to consolidate their forces for defense as well as econmic development. Members hold such honors as being in the top ten ranking, including holding the highest honor in that regard. Between wars, The Order assists developing members by offering guidance and needed resources as well as aiding the defense of fledgling nations that fall victim to raids, often resulting in a total victory for our allied nation.


This alliance is lead by several members in a semicentralized manner.
Position Leader Nation Region
Obergruppenführer Mammon Assyristan Persia
Gruppenführer Clausewitz Greater Prussia Arabia
Oberführer Promethean LV-223 Mesopotamia
Standartenführer Fernindad E. Marcos Kalayaan Pacific Rim
Sturmbannführer CommandoPickleEU S--19 Mesopotamia

Recruiting and Officers

Recruiting is just like any other alliance, simply contact one of the officers. To become an officer, one must show merit over time by way of assisting other nations during war or economic development. The position may be offered, but a member may request an officer position. If a member's offer to become an officer is declined, he will still be regarded in high merit and remain a member of the alliance.

There are no prerequisites for region, class or alignment. All members maintain independence, but members join to help each other. Contact an officer for further details.

Standings with alliances

Nothing left anymore (may you rest in peace, Order ;_;7)