The Great Heidi Bot Invasion was an event that occurred during the final days before the Fall of Bloc 2.0. During this time, hundreds of thousands of unmanned bots entered the World of Bloc. The events leading up to this are yet unknown but being discussed by the many experts on the field. Probable explanations include Heidi's permanent ban in >BLOC 1.0 and the >BLOC rip-off game he was creating. Many dared to try and blame Rumsod. While he was not present at the time of chaos, Heidi was and he was held responsible.


The slayer of >BLOC 2.0, this crazy nigga made a script that spammed the game with hundreds of thousands of nations.

As a result of hundreds of thousands of bots named Heidiland, the servers began to slow. The game's code began to crack. Bugs became readily apparent and only increased until the game was totally unplayable. Even still the Heidilands marched on until the game crashed entirely, leaving hapless >BLOC players no choice but to go and play Heidi's >BLOC rip-off game.

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