The Color war was a massive war in Bloc 3.0 that ended with a total badmin reset after his going mia for a month and over 4 weeks of fighting for the participating alliances.

Ill add more to this later, but the tl;dr of it is:

>innawds gets tired of stale ass, warless meta due to mdp web

>approaches a few alliances to make a hydr

>ff a couple weeks

>/int/-nod lolterry happens

>decide to go public with hydra because lolwhynot

>lolterry stuffs

>BLU is innawds/SPQR/NOD/AA/Comintern/BC(for a few days)

>RED gets made in retaliation, is made of BAMF, TFC, Dinos, NLR, BoZ, /int/, SL, everyone else

>only alliance not in are NAM, AU, CGL, and after day one of war SPQR and BC

>BLU takes massive fookin losses

>Smithly Smithly's his reactor

>NOD peaces out

>RED wont give AA or Comintern peace because of wish to permafarm

>INNAWDS never asks for peace once, despite massive losses, keep on trucking 

>>massive losses

>>not being best Vietcong/Mujaheddin fighters in BLOC

>AA and comintern keep on keeping on as well, but morale seems to fall, though they still went hard

>INNABUSH bro starts #yolo'ing RED left and right

>other stuff

>ff to Operation: Jimmy Rustle

>innawds and BLU buff an innna member, Rio Grande, to massive amount of troops and tech in span of 5 minutes

>Hits Argentina, RED's main reactor, because lolwhynot, and nazi harboring fascists

>ensuing massive fucking proxy war ensues

>Rio peaks at like 1.125 million troops, Argy at 850k

>Training costs like 500mil, inna had rio drop to 350k men

>Elite mexican troops

>Rio peaked at 18,400 weapons

>Argy at like 17,600

>Argy killed like 1.1mil troops total to ~400k total losses

>doesnt matter inna #yolo's hard, had another million ready

>then bjorn script

>dumbfucks clicked the link

>PEST forum takeover

>massive funfest


>>RED victory

>>Rio Grande still alive & with tech advantage

>belly and thighs partially delevered

>badmin, now the Madmin, logs on during coke binge with his 5 hookers

>resets game, ruins it even more, actually added nukes 5 months late, navies 3 months late, and shitty ass MG

and there we are, the color war in a nutshell

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