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Current flag of The Bloc Death


"March Of The Plague Doctors" (Epic Gothic Original orchestral)

Official Anthem of TBD

Original Flag of The Bloc Death

The Bloc Death is a Western Aligned alliance with the goal to cleanse Bloc of it's aliments and heal through warfare.



The Bloc death was formed from the alliance P.A.L.S and later Kuomintang. After Grid Stood down as leader of P.A.L.S Tyr took over as Leader and re-themed into Kuomintang Dynasty , an Asian themed alliance on 21/8/17. But the theme of Kuomintang was felt to be too confusing/boring so a new theme drew up by Cslomb and Ellio98 was used. The Bloc Death was created on 7/9/17.

Kuomintang Dynasty Flag


Leadership Under Tyr:

The Bloc Death was led under Tyr from its formation until 3/11/17. Under Tyr's leadership Bloc Death enjoyed a close relationship with LC while also supporting them in times of war either diplomatically or militarily. The Bloc Death also went under numerous structural reforms lead by Ellio98 from the Squad system to the Bloctor Academy. Tyr retired from leading and Bloc after the end of the iteration on approximately 3/11/17.

Leadership Under Cslomb:

After a heated race between Cslomb and Ellio98 to become the next leader of TBD it was decided that Cslomb will lead while Ellio98 continues to manage internal affairs with freedom. But after a few days of leading during the new iteration Cslomb was forced to leave Bloc due to personal issues and left the leadership to Ellio98 on 5/11/17.

Leadership under Ellio98:

Ellio98 became the leader of TBD on 5/11/17 and continues to lead to this day. Ellio98 completed his reforms on how an alliance should be ran and helped lead TBD to a position of power with close relations with LC, AC and TRR. TBD also took part in the Western Revolution. After the end of that war a short war against Prussia was launched and was quickly won with help from LC.

Post LC: After LC quit the game TBD continued on, but went into steady decline with loss of interest in Bloc along with issues left by LC such as Enclave which became a tax farm of Butch who would raid TBD members with his large army. TBD won minor wars against SAU and even started a coup in SAU. TBD disbanded in early February 2018 due to lack of interest in Bloc, the officers went on to form their own alliance after the reset which happened shortly after the disbandment.