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The /pol/ocaust and the Second Shoah were a series of wars in early BLOC between JIDF/Yotsub& and its many enemies. It was at the time the largest conflict BLOC had ever seen, thanks to the massive influx of new players from 4chan shortly before the war began. It is also notable for marking a shift in strategy: the /pol/ocaust was the first war to see widespread, organize double-tap attacks, and the first war to end with the total disbandment of an alliance.

The war was the result of long-standing tensions between the big 4chan alliances. JIDF, which recruited from /pol/, was the first alliance from 4chan. Since everybody hates /pol/, the other boards, mostly /k/, got together and formed Innawoods to combat them. The two alliances quickly became the largest on BLOC by a huge margin, but neither side had the balls to actually fire the first shot. However, JIDF had made enemies with pretty much every other alliance in the game, due to their rampant shitposting on the forums. This was enough to push the increasingly bored players over the edge, and on July 11 JIDF was attacked by a massive coalition consisting of, in approximate order of participants, Innawoods, FLAP, PEST, GGU, IFAP and NOFAP. It is believed that FLAP fired the first shots. JIDF was losing. Their leader ragequit after getting his ass handed to him by a high-ranking goon and handed the alliance over to his friend, who immediately disbanded the alliance.

Refugees from JIDF quickly reformed into a successor alliance by the name of Yotsub&, which claimed to be a general 4chan alliance unconnected to JIDF (fooling approximately nobody). As Yotsub& they continued to do the same shit that got them ganked in the first place, so Innawoods quickly formed another coalition with Comintern, AU and a few others, easily routing Yotsub& in a smaller war that would later come to be called the Second Shoah. Yotsub& later tried to reform, but we're never relevant again.

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The /pol/ocaust
Date: 11 July - August, 2013
Result: JIDF and Yotsuba&! disband
Preceded by: Grudge War
Succeeded by: Hussar War