BlocGame Wiki

This is your country's stability. Stability effects growth directly and indirectly many other things. If your stability falls too low you can experience a partial reset. Low stability also enables rebels to form, which will fight against you, further reducing your stability and tying up military resources if you choose to attack them. There is no policy that can directly increase stability, except to arrest political prisoners, but stability increases when you have a high Quality of Life and/or Approval Rating. Some events can grant stability. You can click on your stability to view exactly what is causing its change so that you can mend or augment it.

Stability is kept high with Quality of Life and Approval, having a high Stability will result in an increase in Growth. Being a democracy will have a slight increase in stability if you have high approval.

One domestic policy will raise stability: the easiest way to have high stability is to arrest political prisoners and keep it high. At most you can gain 9% stability per turn (4% for high approval + 4% for high QoL + 1% for high approval in a democracy). Stability levels are in increments of 10%:

  • Brink of Collapse
  • Mass Protests
  • Rioting
  • Chaotic
  • Growing Tensions
  • Seemingly Calm
  • Quiet
  • Very Stable
  • Entrenched
  • Unsinkable