Overview Edit

The Soul Republic is an alliance with a goal to unite the world under one government, and to free the world of cruel governments and replace them with democracy. It was founded November 21st 2016 by leader Soul and first officer Temple. The Soul Republic is one of the Mutual Military Alliance founding members.

SALT Iteration Edit

The Soul Republic was founded shortly after the SALT iteration began. Both Soul and Temple were new to Bloc and inexperienced at the game mechanics. Despite this the Soul Republic became a rather large alliance full of many new players. Many alliances and veteran players began disliking the Soul Republic due to its spam of the alliance declaration chat. After learning of this Temple and Soul cut back on declarations in order to please other alliances. The Soul Republic and the Mason Alliance formed the MMA (Mutual Military Alliance) in order to protect their small alliances from intervention. The Union was asked to join the MMA giving it a total of around fifty members. Soon problems erupted in the MMA when the Mason's adopted comunist ideals such as a 99% tax rate. Temple on behalf of the Soul Republic contacted and The Union and discussed the Mason's recent change in policy. The Union and the Soul Republic agreed to give the Mason's a choice "Lower your tax rate or be kicked out of the MMA". When the Mason's were told this they launched several attacks against the Republic but never officially declared war. The Soul Republic beat the Mason's in all of these conflicts and completely cut ties with the Masons.

The Soul Republic sought out new members for the MMA and sent began its expansion. Pan-Africa and the Enclave joined the MMA making their total member count around 100 people. When Condor Union was asked to join they not only accepted but gave the Soul Republic 200,000k to expand its military. The Soul Republic became the fastest growing alliance at the time offering each new member a factory when they joined as long as other benefits. Temple was democratically elected leader of the Soul Republic and made Soul his first officer.

The Soul Republic reached its height around sixty members (4th most populated alliance at the time). Due to recent belief that the SALT alliances were going to attack (SPQR, Asia Alliance, Comintern) many other alliances joined the MMA to prepare for this attack, such as Nemesis and MCR. The MMA had around 400 total members when SALT declared war on all of Bloc in early January 2017. Even though SALT had declared war on all of Bloc most alliances that were fighting against them were in the MMA. The Soul Republic even with its large member count did not have many strong nations and mainly attacked smaller Comintern nations. The SALT vs. MMA war lasted about a month and ended in early February 2017. The Soul Republic had lost all but one war against the Comintern nations they attacked a fate that was similar other MMA members. With the end of the war brought the end of the SALT iteration.