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The Socialist Arab Revolution was a series of events that occurred in November and December of 2017. After a protracted period of exploitation and neglect from the leadership of the Socialist Arab Union towards it's member states, dissent grew and some member states resigned from the alliance.

Out of this dissent, the Nigerian Clique grew forth. A clique of revolutionary member states led by United Nigeria. The clique attempted to stage a coup for several weeks, but without success. As hope started to bleak, members of the clique split and formed the Socialist Arab Rev.

Without consulting with the rest of the clique, United Nigeria appointed the Republic of Commistea, lead by Cslomb to be the founder of the new alliance. Shortly after, Cslomb reaffirmed that his word was law as he slowly turned the alliance from a revolutionary and socialist alliance, to a capitalist alliance that portrayed itself as an army of pawns of Commistea.

From dissatisfaction with Commistea, and the rumoured purging of United Nigeria, a new split led by the West Bank arose, and the New S.A.U. (New Socialist Arab Union) was founded. It promised a return to the constitution of the Socialist Arab Union, as was the original goal of the revolution from it's early days.

The original Socialist Arab Union is currently (24.12.17) without any leadership, and is stagnating due to inactivity. The Commistea-lead alliance has lost many of it's members due to the internal strife and continues to decay.

Event Date
Coup attempt in the Socialist Arab Union Late November 2017
Split from the Socialist Arab Union 15 of December 2017
Commistea Takeover of new alliance 15 - 22 of December 2017
New split, 'New S.A.U.' founded 21 of December 2017
New S.A.U grows and gains majority control in Arabia 26 of December 2017
The old Socialist Arab Union is declared dead, with all of it's members being inactive 27 of December 2017
New S.A.U. claims the old name and declares the Socialist Arab Union as reconstituted 28 of December 2017