After the game had come back online, very few nations were active as the word had not spread far enough, any alliances were very small. The WEC, bitter at Comintern because of Comintern attacking WEC and forcing it to become a protectorate in pre-Goonpocalypse >Bloc and fearful this would repeat now, had saw an opportunity to destroy Comintern since it only had a few more members than WEC (Although it was gaining members fast) and declared war on several Comintern nations and sent a communique to all Comintern members. The new Comintern leadership had no desire to fight a war so early on in the game, knowing it would result in heavy losses on both sides due to everyone being equal in tech and troop numbers, also Comintern leadership that had dealt with WEC before the Goonpocalypse had no desire to ever do so again, and didn't want to interact with WEC in any way, shape, or form. So the Comintern Leader had messaged the leader of WEC explaining that Comintern was under new management and that WEC's sovereignty would be respected. This, combined with a Comintern that was growing in members far faster than WEC could hope to match, caused the attacks to be called off, and a general white peace declared.
Second Conglomerate War
Date: November 22-23, 2013
Result: White Peace
Preceded by: Great War
Succeeded by: Proxy War