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Reputation is in short what the rest of the world, particularly the United Nations and the superpowers, think of your nation, affecting alignment points with the superpowers. You get +3 reputation with both superpowers each turn if at Gandhi-like, +2 if at Angelic, +1 if at Nice and -3, -2, and -1 reputation points with each superpower if at Axis of Evil, Mad Dog, or Pariah, respectively. If your reputation becomes too bad you run the risk of having sanctions imposed upon you, which hurt GDP by 5%. If your reputation is in the "red" zone (the 3 worst reputation levels) other players can attack you without any reputation penalty to themselves. If your reputation hits Axis of Evil, you cannot develop chemical weapons and you have a 50% chance per turn of the United Nations invading and resetting your nation.

Reputation is lost by building weapon factories, developing chemical weapons, attacking players who are not in the "red" reputation levels, selecting certain choices on events, failing to smuggle drugs as a Latin American nation, selling Blood Diamonds as an African one, sending weapons or uranium to another nation, or engaging in certain policy choices (such as forced labor). Reputation can only be gained with the passage of time, the selecting of certain choices in events, and attacking players who are in the "red" reputation levels.

Every turn you gain 5 points on the 100 reputation scale. This means it takes approximately 2 turns to go up a reputation level.


  • Axis of Evil
  • Mad Dog
  • Pariah
  • Isolated
  • Questionable
  • Normal
  • Good
  • Nice
  • Angelic
  • Gandhi-like

Each represents 10%.

UN reset

Flag and leader image, post-UN reset

  • Loss of troops, down to 10k (if already below 10k, no change)
  • Loss of growth, down to $1 million
  • Loss of GDP (maybe 25%)
  • Loss of all chemical weapons progress
  • Loss of all air force progress
  • Loss of all manpower, down to "Depleted"
  • Approval becomes "Middling"
  • Stability becomes "Seemingly Calm"
  • Alignment becomes neutral
  • Economy becomes Mixed
  • Flag and leader image are changed to a UN flag and peacekeeper