Regions Edit

There are currently 4 regions in the game, each representing one continent and having a specific buff. Each region has specific bonuses and player driven geopolitics. You can only fight with other people in the same region as you (though you can send expeditionary forces across regions). The 4 regions are Africa, Asia, Latin American and the Middle East.

Advantages Edit

This is your country's inherent advantage from being in a zone. Remember, you can only attack other nations in your region and who have between 75% and 200% of your GDP. The regions' advantages are:

  • Africa: Ability to sell Blood Diamonds for one fourth of a turn's budget with a minimum of 100k Cash at the cost of a slight reputation and quality of life hit. Also, cheaper mines.
  • Asia: Increased manpower. Access to Special Economic Zones in Domestic policies. Cheaper factories.
  • Latin America: Ability to smuggle drugs into the United States for an entire turn's budget with a minimum of 500k cash. Has a high failure rate, if you fail you take a significant reputation hit. be very careful using this. Also USA cheaper aid. Eg in every where else USA 10K troops cost 35 relation points. in Latin America they cost 25. Also, cheaper mines.
  • Middle East : Oil oil everywhere. When you prospect for oil you have the ability to get more oil than normal. Oil in the Middle East has the ability to range from 1000-5000 barrels as opposed to 50-500 for every other region.