The Red Heist was a brief conflict starting on August 20, 2013 when Comintern declared war on the Federal Reserve due to the former finding out of Federal Reserve spies in the Comintern. Shorty afterward the Che Guevara League also declared war on the Federal Reserve because they had an MDOAP pact with them.

Shortly afterward, peace was declared between Comintern and the Federal Reserve, with the following terms:

•Brando, the prime offender in the spy incident, is never allowed entry into the Federal Reserve

•Comintern/CGL members that are at war with obviously inactive members of the Federal Reserve are allowed to wrap up their wars

An hour later, the Che Guevara League accepted peace with the Federal Reserve, ending the war.

Red Heist
Date: August 19-20, 2013
Result: White Peace
Preceded by: Chaos War
Succeeded by: First Bush War
Federal Reserve
Che Guevara League