What happens when a few weapons, some haters of government and a special tourist enter your "peaceful" country...


Rebels can either be fed by instability in your country or enemies funding rebels using spies. Rebels cause casualties against your military if you engage them in battle and effect your growth.

Rebel Growth and Effects

There are two ways that rebels can grow in your country, if another player has a spy in your country they can fund rebels once per turn (Funding rebels will result in drop of weapons). Alternatively, if your country has low stability rebels can grow naturally and foment insurrection. Having rebels in your country will result in a drop in growth, stability and approval.

How to deal with Rebels

You can arrest political opposition from the Domestic tab of policies which has a chance to remove rebels and increase stability, however moving your nation more authoritarian. Alternatively you can attack the rebels resulting in loss of soldiers but is more efficient and cost-effective.

Rebel Threat levels

There are five levels of rebel threat,from least to most:

  • None
  • Scattered Terrorists
  • Guerrillas
  • Open Rebellion
  • Civil War
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