The Proxy War was a conflict between the alliances of BLOC and /int/elligentsia, which took place from 3 to 7 December 2013. The motivation behind the war was "all these alliances [...] being pussies, with their non agression pacts, now is the itme[sic] for violent conquest".


3 December

Some time between 8:00 and 18:00 GMT: The nation of Backhairistan, from the BLOC alliance, attacks Caesarodunum, from /int/elligentsia, with an army of approximately 100.000 soldiers. Suspicions of multying occur, as all the nations from the BLOC alliance, also being characterised by the default flag and description, had sent their troops to Backhairistan beforehand. By the end of the turn, the aggressor had 96k troops, but also Axis of Evil reputation. Therefore, an invasion is postponed until the next turn, in the hope of a UN reset.

19:47:05 GMT: An order is issued inside /int/elligentsia to attack the BLOC members, in order to cut the supply lines.

20:00 GMT: Backhairistan avoids being UN reset and gets the reputation up to Mad Dog. Alexandrastan declares war on Backhairistan.

4 December

After 8:00 GMT: Backhairistan gasses Alexandrastan, returning to AoE reputation. In the meanwhile, several /int/elligentsia members are farming BLOC nations, while aid comes to Alexandrastan both from inside the alliance and from outside; official help from PLATYPUS and unofficial help, taking the form of loans, from Comintern.

20:00 GMT: The UN resets Backhairistan.

5 December

Shortly after 8:00 GMT: Backhairistan is defeated. The war is de facto over, although there are still /int/elligentsia members attacking BLOC members.

7 December: Backhairistan and Alexandrastan come to an agreement regarding war reparations, but no sum is paid, as Backhairistan, along with the whole BLOC alliance, is deleted.

Proxy War
Casus belli: BLOC member attacks /int/ member
with troops from rest of alliance
Date: December 3-7, 2013
Result: /int/elligentsia victory, BLOC countries banned
Preceded by: Second Conglomerate War
Succeeded by: Brotherhood War