On January 7th, Utopia, a member of PEST, declared war on Kanatia, the second in command of The Non-Aligned Movement. The war declaration was due to a rogue member of the NAM attacking an ally of PEST. cxcxxxxx, the leader of PEST, sent an alliance-wide communique asking for his members to attack any NAM member state they can. NAM and PEST then spoke of the conflict to come to a resolution, but talks proved unsuccessful, partially due to the NAM's refusal to pay any concessions to PEST. The day ended with several NAM states already defeated, and an uncertain future for the war. It seemed clear the NAM would lose, as they were truly Non-aligned and had no allies. Their most powerful ally was The Dark Brotherhood, who they did not call on to join the fight. Another ally was the WEC, who was allied with both PEST and the NAM. It chose to stay neutral. Eventually, a few members of the NAM realized they would lose and attempted a no-win situation. They bombed infrastructure and aggressively gassed in hopes of making PEST's losses outnumber its gains. By that time, many nations were accusing PEST of attacking the smaller NAM merely for land and GDP. Towards the end of January 8th, cxcxxxxx declared a ceasefire. He offered to stop all conflicts, demanded no repayment, and said PEST would protect the NAM if it was attacked by a larger alliance. A few resistors in the NAM refused the ceasefire. The NAM's leader, Hereno, said he would fight to the end, and sent out a communique to NAM members saying that they could leave the alliance and that he might be disbanding it. Eventually, the resistors lost and their militaries were destroyed. Hereno had a change of heart and kept the alliance together, though by then it was down to 10 members from the previous 16. PEST and WEC eventually merged. A few alliances told their members to avoid declaring war on anyone in a large alliance, for fears that they would become embroiled in a similar conflict.

The thread that started it all can be seen here: [1] The NAM's attempted ceasefire can be seen here: [2] PEST's ceasefire can be seen here: [3]. Hereno's declaration can be seen here: [4]

Casus belli: Utopia (PEST) attacks Kanatia (NAM) due to a member of the NAM attacking
an ally of PEST
PEST eventually declares war on NAM.
Date: January 7th, 2014
Result: PEST declares ceasefire.
A few NAM members attempt a no-win and are defeated.
WEC and PEST merge
NAM comes close to disbanding and loses several members.
Preceded by: Dud War
Succeeded by: World War Bloc 2
Non-Alligned Movement