Manpower is the pool in which you use to draft troops from. The higher your manpower, the faster it regenerates, meaning that drafting until you are depleted should only be done in an emergency otherwise it will take exponentially longer for each level compared to a gradual buildup per turn. Manpower is effected by Recruitment, or the enemy's use of Chemical Weapons or airforce against your cities.

Asia's bonus as a region is higher manpower, allowing them to conscript more times before lowering their level of manpower.

A good ratio of drafting troops is conscripting twice per turn. Conscripting twice (more like 1.94 times) at full untapped manpower level will keep you at untapped. This way you will increase your amount of troops without damaging your manpower.

Ways to increase ManpowerEdit

If you are a One Party State then you may be given a event which will offer you a choice between improving growth and manpower. Otherwise, you will have to wait to increase manpower, demobilizing should increase your manpower (so you could mass recruit, win a war then demobilize your army.)

Levels of ManpowerEdit

  • Depleted
  • Near Depletion
  • Low
  • Halved
  • Plentiful
  • Untapped