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Foreign policies are policies aimed at affecting the outside world. Sometimes the foreign affairs are not the only factors affected. The policies are good or bad, depending on what it will do, and pure luck. Keep in mind that the foreign policies wiki page only shows the most commonly shown policies and effects (sorry).

Foreign Policy Prerequisite Cost Description Effect Image
Praise the Soviet Union None 50k Give the General Secretary a bear hug in front of the cameras. Increases your relations with the godless communists, hurts them with the freedom-loving Americans. Stability decreases somewhat as the bourgeoisie bitches. Aligns with the Soviet Union; lowers Stability two levelsone half level; earns +3 Soviet Relation points per turn and -5 US Relation points per turn
Suck up action 1.png

Suck up action 2.png

Suck up action 3.png
Praise the United States None 50k Shake the Prez' hand on the tarmac. Increases your relations with the bloodthirsty capitalists, hurts them with the equality-loving Soviets. Stability decreases somewhat as all the pinkos complain. Aligns with the United States; lowers Stability two levelsone half level; earns +3 US Relation points per turn and -5 Soviet Relation points per turn
Kiss ass action 1.png

Kiss ass action 2.png

Kiss ass action 3.png
Declare Neutrality None 50k Show all the other countries that you're a proud independent nation that don't need no superpower. Sets your alignment as neutral. Aligns with Neutral; lowers Stability two levels; earns +0 to both countries
Stand Strong action 1.png

Stand Strong action 2.png

Stand Strong action 3.png
Appeal to your bloc for aid War $0 If you find yourself in a war with a member of the opposing bloc, the Soviet Union/United States might provide you with various assistance in your struggle against Communism/Capitalism. One of the following will happen (probability of each unknown): +2 growth, increase air force level by one, 5K expeditionary force, 15% progress in chemical weapons or bomb the enemy's economy
Allow UN dismantling of WMDs $50k So half the world is threatening to invade and throw you from power 'cus you've been cooking up some weaponized neurotoxins or, god forbid, a perfectly peaceful nuclear reactor. Show them your intentions are peaceful by handing it all over. Totally dismantles your WMD programs, recovers your reputation slightly - at least enough to avoid immediate invasion. Must have developed your WMDs over 50% at least.
Appeal to (your favored nation) for intervention none/unsure 35 relation points Ask our (friends and allies/comrades) in the (United States/Soviet Union) to help defend (freedom and democracy/equality and socialism) from the evil (communists/capitalists). They will arrive with 10k troops. 10K troops arrive
Beg US intervention action 1.png

Beg US intervention action 2.png

Beg Soviet intervention action 1.png

Beg Soviet intervention action 2.png
Appeal to (your favored nation) for development aid none 10 relation points Ask our (capitalist allies/comrades) to give us a little taste of (McDonalds/communism). Will increase growth by $2 million. Increases growth by $2 million
Beg US aid action 1.png

Beg US aid action 2.png

Beg Soviet aid action 1.png

Beg Soviet aid action 2.png
Hire a Secret Agent You do not have the maximum number of agents, currently 3 500k Hire a man to run guns to your favorite terrorists, steal state secrets, and drink his martinis shaken not stirred. Allows you to take covert action in a country. You gain one Secret Agent who can infiltrate other nations and find out classified information about them as well as decrease approval or raise rebel threat
Hire action 1.png

Hire action 2.png

File:Hire action 3.png
Counterintelligence None 100K Spy vs spy. Have your agents search and destroy any foreign agents they get their hands on. Risk of failing or having your own agents killed. Can only be done once a turn. 50% chance to catch every spy in your nation. Can only be used once per turn
File:Hunt action 1.png

Hunt action 2.png
Create an International Alliance You are not in an alliance, or have already created one 150k Create an alliance of nations to beat up other alliances of nations. Once an alliance is created it allows you to invite others into it, creates a unique page for your alliance. Creates an international alliance... Fairly self-explanatory
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Italics mark unconfirmed effect.