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The Fall of BLOC is a series of actions and wars that destroyed the BLOC world, some indirectly and some directly. In the World War Bloc 2 the major alliances not allies of PEST declared war on PEST and its allies, but later it is found that Heidiland, almost single-handedly, had instigated the war; PEST and its allies were under seige but never actually defeated since the threat of the Heidiland bots took focus off of WWB2.0 which ended without resolution. The Heidiland bots began to become destructive as the turn switcher is seemingly broken, and ultimately many nations packed up and left the BLOC world in search of better places to live. Shortly after this, Heidiland created an online game to challenge >BLOC, (That shall not be named). This new game was largely based off of >BLOC and was among the many games for >BLOC refugees.

The >BLOC world had not, in fact, been destroyed by an asteroid - but close.

A note from the editor: Again even though I've been there, I have little knowledge about it. So please finish the unfinished work >BLOC has left us. Designer225 (talk) 04:48, April 5, 2014 (UTC)

Fall of BLOC
Casus belli:
Date: Late-2013 to February 2014
Result: Fall of BLOC World
  • BLOC is inaccessible permanently
  • The Great Exodus
Preceded by: Second World War Bloc
Succeeded by: BLOC timeline ends
Heidiland etc.
Asian Alliance
Rest of >BLOC