The European Beef Incident (Known as the second crusade in SO) was a brief war that ended in the disbandment of ACE.

On August 12 a leak was posted on the forums showing Heidi666, the leader of ACE, making a deal with PEST against GGU leadership. Heidi later stated that he was acting as the middleman between PEST and a friend of his. Regardless, the incident stirred a lot of controversy against ACE.

On August 13, an unknown person impersonating Sniper2465 (Spokesman of GGU at the time) posted a bounty on ACE. INNAWDS then attacked ACE with some members citing the bounty as the reason.

On August 14, Sanctum Ordinem began to attack ACE nations. Then FLAP, who were performing a lottery in which an alliance was chosen at random and declared on by the entirety of FLAP, declared ACE to be the "winner". There was some controversy over whether or not the lottery was rigged due to the coincidental nature of ACE getting chosen as there were over 80 alliances at the time.

A few hours after war started, Heidi made the decision to disband the alliance, stating that there was no way ACE could win the war, and that ACE's allies in the Concert of Nations would be of little help. Most members fled to either COME-OVA or BAMF. A little while later, the remaining signatories of the Concert withdrew, leaving the CoN defunct. Due to this, the disbanding of ACE is considered to be the catalyst for the Concert of Nations disbanding.

European Beef Incident
Date: August 2013
Result: ACE disbands
Preceded by: Hussar War
Succeeded by: Three Hour War
Sanctum Ordinem