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Technology is one of the war modifiers that determine victory in an attack and what K/D ratio you shall get.

There is no difference between different type of rifles or tanks bought between the US, USSR, or self-made.

Cost of weapons: Self produced AKs (with 2 Factories): 5 Manufactured Goods

2.1 weapons are awarded per AK on average.

After Vietnam Surplus (once you reach almost modern) it requires 4 factories to self produce weapons.

Self produced Istan tanks (with 4 Factories): 13 Manufactured Goods, 5 Oil

6.5 Weapons are awarded per tank on average.

Self produced Despot tanks (with 8 factories): 18 Manufactured Goods, 13 Oil

Technology Weapons
Stone Age 0
Finest of the 19th Century 1
First World War surplus 11
Second World War surplus 51
Korean War surplus 151
Vietnam War surplus 301
Almost Modern 501
Persian Gulf War surplus 1001
Advanced 2001
Future Technology 102001

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