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The Flag of The Varangian Guard

The Flag of the Enclave


The Stars and Stripes Forever

Official Anthem of the Enclave

The Enclave (later retitled The Varangian Guard) was an intergovernmental military alliance composed primarily of west-aligned and non-aligned sovereign states, established on November 5th, 2017.  

Following a reset, the alliance is non-existent as of now.  


The Enclave was formed by Generalissimo Fusek of Germania on November 5th, 2017, as a direct descendant of the former United States Government. On November 10th, 2017, the alliance, formerly known as ATLAS, formally declared a merger between the two organizations and all members united under the Enclave label, to oppose the threat of global domination by the Lonesome Cowboys alliance. The Enclave grew to 80 members within a week and constructed a military of over 3,500k troops and 2,500k weapons, significantly overpowering the opposition. On November 16th, 2017, Generalissimo Fusek officially declared war on the Lonesome Cowboys, formally igniting the Western Revolution; the war resulted in a stalemate and led to the creation of the United Enclave. Leadership was eventually handed over to Generalissimo Butch, and the Enclave was spun off into a private military tax-farm and renamed The Varangian Guard.  


Before the reset, a Non-Aggression Pact was signed between The Varangian Guard and The Terran Empire, an ODOAP with the Condor Union, and a Protectorate with Cyrenia.

Position: Leader: Nation:
Founder: Butch Tunnel Snakes
Third Officer: Watersfall Savannah
Fourth Officer: Lykos Sol Invictus