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Domestic policies are aimed at solidifying your hold over your nation. Sometimes your domestic factors are not the only factors affected. The policies are good or bad, depending on what it will do, and sheer luck.

Domestic Policy Prerequisite Cost Description Effect Image
Arrest opposition figures and would-be revolutionaries Rebels $50k These imputent fools do nothing but criticize. Shut them up. Your government will become more authoritarian. Chance of decreasing rebels. Slightly increases stability. Decreases rebels by 30% of a level, and increases stability by 2–53%, decreases political system by 5%. Also decreases Reputation. Small chance to fail and increase rebels.
File:Arrest action 1.png

Arrest action 2.png

Arrest action 3.png

Arrest action 4.png
Release political prisoners Must have arrested people once $50k Free the poor souls. Your government becomes more democratic. Small chance of the ungrateful fucks joining up with rebels. Decreases stability. 50% chance of increasing rebels, decreases stability by 0–5%, increases political system by ?%
Free action 1.png

Free action 2.png

Free action 3.png

Free action 4.png
Declare martial law Cannot be Dictatorship $500100k Dissent cannot be tolerated in wartime! Move decisively authoritarian, increase military size. Decreases stability. Increases armed forces by 5k, decreases manpower by 10k, decreases stability by one level, decreases political system by 1–3 levels, decreases reputation by 5%
Declare action 1.png

Declare action 2.png

Declare action 3.png
Hold free and fair elections None (Recommended approval rating to win election to be Decent or higher) $200k Sometimes it is necessary to let the people have a voice. Rebels will possibily lay down their arms and your government will become less authoritarian. Possibly increase growth but will cost some stability. If above middling approval, approval increases by 5%; 50% chance increases growth by $1M; decreases stability by 0–23%; increases political system by 0–20%, 20% if dictatorship
Elect action 1.png

Elect action 2.png

Elect action 3.png

Elect action 4.png
Propaganda Campaign FastBLOC: None Remind the people how much they love their government and, more specifically, their dear leader with a bunch of cool posters. Increases approval, cost depends on population and current approval rate. Increases approval one level
Propagate action 1.png

Propagate action 2.png
Bribe Opposition Leaders FastBLOC: None Half of Propaganda's, increase in crime & corruption [Greasing a few palms can solve many problems. Increases approval but also corruption.] Increases approval one level, increases crime & corruption 4%
Bribe action 1.png

File:Bribe action 2.png

File:Bribe action 3.png
[Contraceptive Laws] FastBLOC: None {, , } Free contraceptives decrease population growth by 50%, legal has no change, banned doubles natural population growth and decreases approval by 1% a turn. Current: {Free, Legal, Banned}
File:Legislate Contraceptive Laws action 1.png

File:Legislate Contraceptive Laws action 2.png

File:Legislate Contraceptive Laws action 3.png

File:Legislate Contraceptive Laws action 4.png
[Border Control] FastBLOC: None {, } Open borders allow free immigration and emigration, closed borders blocks all immigration and emigration. Current: {Open, Closed}
File:Legislate Border Control action 1.png

File:Legislate Border Control action 2.png

File:Legislate Border Control action 3.png
Free Housing For the People Cannot be Free Market Economy Cost proportionate to growth.6 hours worth of budget (0.05% GDP) Mass produced modular tenements for everyone! Sure, every residential area in your country will look incredibly grey, boring and identical, but it's better than scrap metal shacks. Increases government popularity and the quality of life. Not available in Free Market economies. Moves your economic system slightly to the left. Cost is relative to growthGDP.

FastBLOC: Mass produced modular tenements for everyone! Sure, every residential area in your country will look incredibly grey, boring and identical, but it's better than scrap metal shacks. Increases housing quality. Moves your economic system slightly to the left. Cost is relative to population.
Increases approval by one level, small chance of improving Quality of Life by 6%, decreases economic system by ?%

Increases housing by one level
Build housing action 1.png

Build housing action 2.png

Build housing action 3.png

Build housing action 4.png

Build housing 2 action 1.png
Raise Minimum Wage Cannot be Command Economy Reduction in growth relative to GDP Apparently people need to eat. Increase their wages by a couple cents and it might just increase your popularity and the Quality of Life. Not available in Command Economies. Moves your economic system slightly to the left. Cost is relative to GDP. Increases approval one to three levels, increases quality of life 1%, decreases economic system ?%
Raise action 1.png

Raise action 2.png

Raise action 3.png

Raise action 4.png

Raise action 5.png
Free Food For All! None [13+⌊(gives+1)2/4⌋] Mt Food Feed the poor and enjoy their loyalty. Increases approval. Moves government to the left. Increases approval one level, decreases political system ?%
Give action 1.png

Give action 2.png
Construct Public School None ⌊(12 6 8 hours worth (0.1 0.05 0.2%/3 GDP) of budget)/(1+university)⌋ + ⌊(Literacy/8 + GDP/150,000)/(1+university)⌋ RM A literate people make more money for you to tax. Increases popularity and Quality of Life. Increases literacy. Cost is relative to GDP (.05%). Raises Quality of Life and approval by one level Raises Literacy by 5%
Build school 2 action 1.png

Build school action 2.png

Build school action 3.png
Found University None (25+50/factory) Mbbl oil + (50+100/factory) Ht RM + 2 MG/factory Distract your annoying dissident eggheads with a few shiny new buildings to pontificate to each other in. Provides 1 research per turn, but consumes 2 mg per turn. Also provides $1 million in growth per turn. Same cost as factories.
Teach action 1.png

Teach action 2.png

File:Teach action 3.png

File:Teach action 4.png

File:Teach action 5.png
Construct Free Hospital Cannot be a Free Market Economy. 18 12 6 hours worth (0.148% 0.1% 0.05% GDP) of budget + RM Provide for all the ability to live past the age of 42. Significantly increases popularity and Quality of Life. Increases healthcare. Not available to free market economies. Cost is relative to GDP (.10.05%). Raises Quality of Life and approval by one and a half level.
Build hospital 2 action 1.png

Build hospital action 2.png

Build hospital action 3.png
Fund Medical Research None 6 hours worth (0.05% GDP) of budget + ⌈Healthcare⌉/10 Research Discover the latest vaccine for the Butt Pox. Increases healthcare. Cost is relative to GDP (.05%). Increases healthcare one level
Discover action 1.png

Discover action 2.png

Discover action 3.png
Cult of Personality Cannot be a dictator or a Military Junta $500k The Great and Glorious Leader Provides For All. He was Born Under a Smiling Sun and Rides a Pegasus On His Days Off. Dear Leader Has Never Lost a Game of Ping-Pong. Increases popularity, makes your country instantly a dictatorship. Political system becomes dictatorship (0%), approval increases by 2 levels.
Bask action 1.png

Bask action 2.png

Bask action 3.png
Arrest Corrupt Officials FastBLOC: None 4 hours worth (0.1%/3 GDP) of budget, stability Some of your government ministers have been living a bit too high on the hog. Reduces crime & corruption considerably, but results in a large drop in stability.
File:Arrest 2 action 1.png

File:Arrest 2 action 2.png

File:Arrest 2 action 3.png
Increase Police Budget FastBLOC: None 6 hours worth (0.05% GDP) of budget, (12+4/increase) weapons Increasing pay and giving better guns to the police will help them extrajudicially disappear the bad guys. Reduces crime & corruption. Decreases crime & corruption one level (20%)
Increase action 1.png

File:Increase action 2.png

Increase action 3.png

File:Increase action 4.png
Send the army in to crack heads FastBLOC: None 12,000 soldiers Treating your people as an enemy can achieve great things. Reduces crime & corruption. Moves government authoritarian.
File:March action 1.png

File:March action 2.png

File:March action 3.png
Italics mark unconfirmed effect.