The Dictators United official flag

Dictators United is an alliance created by the player Gamb in July of 2013. It has an ever changing member base and is the largest non-democracy alliance. It has had most of its current government members active since Bloc I. Dictators United was a SWORD signatory, a CIA member, a member of FUN, and is now a member of the RED Team.

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Dictators United official banner

(the below table is outdated)

Dictators United Leader Cotton

WISD0MTREE, Broosy, Lancs, Cthulhu

MDP's BAMF, Innawoods, Executive Outcomes, Federal Colonies
NAP's In progress...

(As of March 2016):

Current leader: Eluethera

Current First Officer: Australia Minor

Current Fifth Officer: Pie Fist