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Current flag of the British Commonwealth.

The British Commonwealth is a Western aligned intergovernmental organization of 20 member states.


The British Commonwealth officially began on June 14th 2015 to oppose the threat of the aggressive S.E.A.T.O alliance.

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The founding nation Cameroon was mercilessly attacked by Tanzanian savages on 6/17/15. The Cameroon government now exists as the Cameroon Unionist faction.


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Head of the British Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of the British Commonwealth, a title that is by law a part of Elizabeth's royal titles in each of the British Commonwealth realms.

British Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

Rule Britannia
Anthem of the British Commonwealth Rule Britannia
President Superman of Colombia

President Taslet of Panama

President Lenzon Lin of Taiwan

President Allen Charra of North Korea

Prime Minister Arisa Ozdemir of Peru

Queen Elizabeth II of Namibia and the British Commonwealth

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