Events occur every turn, some events depend on your political system, economic situation and some events are random.

Random Events Edit

Event Choices Consequences Chance Image
Category Four Hurricane 1. Spare no expense 2. Request global aid 3. Do nothing unknown unknown N/A
Earthquake No Options You lose all your growth, humanitarian aid earns you 100k for each lost growth 1/1000 N/A
Beach Front 1. Sell the Beach front 2. Reject offer 1. 1000k gain in Foreign Investment, decrease in approval. 2. Approval Increase N/A here
Kolechian immigrants 1. Papers Please. 2. Deny. 1. Growth or rebels. 2. Nothing. here
Refugees 1. Let them in 2. Turn back their boats 1. Growth & approval lost, reputation increase 2. Reputation Decrease N/A here
Asteroid Event 1. Sell them to the soviet power 2. Sell it to the Americans 3. Keep it for youself 1.? 2. Gain 500k + ? 3. Gain Equipment (25 weapons) N/A here
Closed Mines 1. Let the mine close 2. Nationalise the mine 3. Lower minimum wage 1. Lose some approval, quality of life and FI. 2. Move far the the left, gain approval and nationalise one third of foreign investment. 3. Move right, Lose approval and quality of life, but keep investment. N/A here
Receive Uranium Receive 1 ton of Uranium You can build Nuclear Reactor for plus one growth per turn N/A here
Football Tournament No Options You gain approval and stability N/A here

Events Triggered By Political Systems Edit

Political system Event Options Consequences Chance
Military Junta General Of The Army 1. 2. 3. 1. Gain 5k troops and one level training 2. Gain a development in Chem(chance of backfire) 3. Gain one level of Airforce N/A
One Party Rule  ?  ? Gain manpower and growth N/A

Conditional Events Edit

Event Options Consequences Triggered by image
Squabbling Factions within leadership 1.Institute a ban on factions 2. Ignore the issue 1. Large decrease in approval, small decrease in stability 2.Small decrease in approval, small decrease in stability Bad Approval and bad stability N/A
Revolution No options 50% of GDP and Troops lost Very low stability, Rioting and BoC level here
UN Intervention No Options Reset your army to 10k troops, reset chem development and loss of growth Reputation: Axis of Evil N/A
Edgy Artist 1.Hard labor for a decade 2. Slap on the wrist 3.Apologize and release 1. Stability increase, Approval decrease and you become more authoritatiran 2. Decrease in Stability 3. Approval increase with one level, stability decrease and you become more democratic Being Authoritarian here
Factory 1. Just do it 2. No thanks 1.  Gain a factory, QoL decrease, FI halved  2.  Approval increase


500k per factory beyond first (rounds up) || here