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This is the official wiki for >BLOC - a multiplayer political simulation game on the web, also BLOC on mobile webapp and BLOC - Political Strategy Game on Android. BLOC is a Cold War simulator where you play your own third world country and its leader; although if you're here you probably know that! If you want to help most, edit information about gameplay which you know about, or the history of >BLOC and the recent wars!

In Realpolitik you can play one of the Cold War countries, a faction, or a corporation.

Are you confused by some of the language?: Vernacular. BlocGame Wiki.gif

Currently there are not many rules besides these:

  • Articles that are not related to the gameplay and the metagame of bloc are not allowed.
  • You are not allowed to change already functioning templates. 
  • NSFW material is not allowed.

Right now there are no rules about how a page belonging to a certain category should look like nor do I think there will be any. Any content is good and every page can be edited to look good by other editors; it is after all the information about the game provided here that is the most important.

If you have any complaints about these rules or want to add something, or have a problem, please let me know--Andyrewwer (talk).

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BLOC uptime, reported and inferred

Realpolitik (BLOC The Real World)

Uptimes refer to the domain and front-end files but do not include databases such as registration or forum, processes such as cron, or applications such as chat. Fill in any gaps or missed resets.

*Nation reset
**Soft reset, nation identifiers intact (to preserve donator status?)