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As of Bloc 3.9, the Asian Alliance.


The Asian Alliance is the oldest alliance to still be standing and was formed after the last reset by Hoenn of Battlethethings(RIP) and was lead peacefully and never entered in any conflicts, but as Hoenn had to do real life things and called for an election that included all the Asian Alliance members of that time and GeneralGaylord of The legion won the election. GeneralGaylord led The Asian Alliance in the glorious war of World War Bloc on the side of OoN. After the goonpocolypse and the revival of bloc had happend Smithly of Auir re-made The Asian Alliance and tried to return it to its former neutral glory, but when The Asian Alliance joined the RVL and had made a MDP with PEST they were in a position to honor their defense pact with PEST and attack the SWORD nations in WWB2. As many of the RVL alliances started to surrender and many Asian Alliance smaller nations were being hunted by SWORD juggernaut nations then Smithly signed a peace treaty after which The Asian Alliance left the RVL to try to pursue a more peaceful path.

update 2015* As of 2015, Smithly has retired due to his IRL problems (actually he lost in a war to INNABUSH leader before reset (circa 2014) but still he won IDK but he won, he is now an ex-leader), the position after that held by Osia until the bloc 2015 reset). The leader of AA now is Weeksy, the owner of this wiki I suppose, first officer of 2015 now is Lykos (Sebianzed), ex SPQR leader. will be updated soon...

March 2015, April 2015 ---> Asian Alliance is participating in Grudge War II, where they have only declared war on Leftist Coalition...

BLOC 3.9: June/July: Andyrewwer refounds AA

Asian Alliance Smithly(Auir) (ex-leader from bloc 2.0 to 3.8), Andyrewwer (Weeksy) (2015 AA leader)

Pingmedian (Pinyinmedian, ex officer), Meunahlux (New Dawn, ex officer), Chairman Nippon (Osia, ex officer of bloc 2.0 to 3.8, now inactive), Lykos (Sebianzed, left and joined SPQR, before kicked and joined NAM as now April 2015), now Weeksy (Andyrewwer) as leader

Current officers as of July 2015: Siberiastan (Jonathan Leung), Greatest Ally (WilliamDaAsian), Die Eisenfaust (Allgemeine Stahlhammer)

MDP's High Council | DL | WB || (July 2015)
NAP's N.E.T.O. | BAMF | Inter/pol/ | NAM (as of 2015)