Badge art made by DoctorHyde in >BLOC II.

>BLOC 1.0Edit


Dear leader Heidi.

The Almighty Celestial Empire was a /mlp/ alliance created by Duvail. The original alliance name was IWTCIRD (I Want To Cum Inside Rainbow Dash) but due to pressure from the BLOC community it was changed to ACE. Duvail abandoned the alliance early in the game so Heidi took the reigns as leader. ACE was just one of early alliances from 4chan to join the game. ACE disbanded on August 14/15. The reason was due to the European Beef Incident. Shortly after disbanding ACE, Heidi proceeded to phish and spam the game. Heidi was permanently banned from >BLOC. The early BLOC threads are stored on the /mlp/ archive, link related.

ACE Duvail, Heidi666 (heidiland), Dad Rock

Video Cassette Recorder, Vizio

MDP's BAMF, Sealion League, COME-OVA

>BLOC 2.0Edit

ACE was reborn in >BLOC 2.0. It had been founded by Dad Rock, but he quickly went inactive, leaving the alliance's officer Linkbro (Vizio) as the de facto leader for most of the time.

There were some wars and stuff I don't really remember someone else will fill in the details.

ACE was not remade in >BLOC 3.0.